April 02, 2019

DreamPath Podcast with Bryan Smith

Hiba is a self-taught painter who identifies as a multidisciplinary artist - she paints, programs, and leads community-based interactive art events. She enjoys involving the public in art-making as it elevates our culture and introduces a novel dialogue especially when it is discussing controversial topics.
At the age of 8, life forced Hiba to explore the idea of hope through pain and fear. She found it by making sculptures using shrapnel she found on the streets of Baghdad near her house. Throughout her childhood and well into her adolescence she experienced a lot of disorder in the form of trauma, turmoil, fear, abandonment, instability, escape, terror, religious and traditional restrictions, cancer, death, and grief.  Despite all of this, as an adult, she arrived at some form of peace and order. She demonstrates this concept by deconstructing the traditional rules of painting and by creating order from disorder. She paints as she sketches - she starts with large areas first, prioritizing form, size, or lighting. She makes many lines and images until they are combined into one idea. Shadows vary with the intensity of feelings in her work. She uses large amounts of paint, and layers to arrive at the core of her intention. Each painting is a theatrical scene that uses color, lines, disorder to find symmetry, normalcy, and ultimately arriving at a cohesive order.

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The role art plays in Hiba Jameel’s life goes well beyond the finished piece on the canvas. Art has helped her heal. It’s spurred conversation. It’s what she looks forward to at the start of each day. Art is a lifelong passion Jameel is able to devote more time to now that she’s pressed pause on pursuing a career as a nutritionist.

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"I Really Don't Care, Do U? will be on exhibit at A/NT Gallery through August 25. It recently won an anti-Trump art contest held by an experimental news media group called Rapid Response Unit in the UK. The prize? The painting is heading to Washington, DC, where it will join the collection at the Newseum news museum. "

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We launched the Top Trump competition at the end of June calling for artist’s creative responses to President Trump’s visit to the UK on Friday 13th July.

Iraqi American artist Hiba Jameel beat over 100 international entries to win.

Hiba’s powerful painting " I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" will now be donated to the Newseum news museum in Washington DC. 

On hearing of her success Hiba said;  “While I am thrilled my painting got selected I cannot be fully happy during these sad times we are living in. This painting is not for me, it is for the people and all the children who suffered childhood trauma due to the unrest of the political climate.”

Our jury of satirists, political activists, comedians and artists was; Rachel Parris from BBC “Mash Report, Helen Pankhurst (Granddaughter of suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst), political cartoonist Martin Rowson, Director of the Women of the World Festival Jude Kelly, UK artists The Singh Twins & photographic artist Tom Hunter.

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Speaking at the Seattle City Council with the Office of Arts & Culture Seattle about their amazing sponsorship of Psychosomatic; An Interactive Art Event that merges Art Therapy and Mental Illness Awareness.

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Seattle City Council

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