Its a Choice ...

"Everything you can imagine is real. ” Picasso

"Everything you can imagine is real" When it comes to art, this was a natural process for me. I dream most of my paintings. I see them in my day-time visions and day dreams. I believe we choose our dreams, we choose to be happy or unhappy. I choose to be happy about one aspect of my painting and dwell on it meditatively and then recreate it in another painting. Isn't this the basic premise for everything in life? we get what we choose to think about? to co-create? to be a forceful proactive doer and not a reactive person to life's ebbs and flows?

We can all sulk after missed opportunities but we can also choose to dismiss this thought and invest our precious neural pathways creating a new positive thought, one that helps us soar up high in the sky of our desires.

P.S: This is a photo from my last year's show: Atari Pains at A/NT Gallery in Seattle Center.

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