The Amorousness of the Motherly Figure 2019

In this exhibit, Hiba painted about the eroticism, complexities, and the emotional depth found in the motherly figure. Embracing all the evidence of childbirth to make the audience question our modern world's beauty standards in relation to sexuality and eroticism.
This is a free event. The figures were surrounded by liberating objects such as hot air balloons and the broken intricate designs originating from the middle east. 

The Exhibit took place at Gallery Erato located in Pioneer Square

Time Travel in Mahjar 2018

(Land of Diaspora of Arabs around the world)

Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) and La Sala present the group show, "(Where) Do We Belong?". This exhibit shares the realities and challenges surrounding immigration and includes artworks that are a response to Trump’s “Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policies”—amplifying diverse artistic voices with direct experience.

A wide range of media including installation and textile to video and paintings will present artworks from Humaira Abid, Hawo Ali, Tatiana Garmendia, Hiba Jameel, Rohena Alam Khan, Jake Prendez, Marcia Santos, and Judy Shintani.

Exhibition: October 4 - November 17, 2018
Reception: Thursday, October 4, 6pm – 9pm
Reception: Thursday, November 1, 6pm – 9pm


Artistic Response to the US zero-tolerance immigration policy

aftermath 2018

The painting is titled: " I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?"


RRU News: We launched the Top Trump competition at the end of June calling for artist’s creative responses to President Trump’s visit to the UK on Friday 13th July.

Iraqi American artist Hiba Jameel beat over 100 international entries to win.

Hiba’s powerful painting ‘I really don’t care, do you?’ will now be donated to the Newseum news museum in Washington DC. 

Psychosomatic 2018 - An Interactive Art Event Sponsored by the Office Of Arts and Culture - SEATTLE 


Participants were asked to paint the physical pain they experience upon emotional upheaval on one of the

pre-initiated figure paintings by the artist.

Antiquaria Padova Art Fair in Italy 2018

Some of my Art is Currently being represented by Marco Antonio Patrizio owner of 
Antiquaria Padova was a 9 day event held from 17th to 25th March 2018 at the Padova Fiere in Padua, Italy. This event showcased different types of art works like modern, fine and contemporary art "

Atari Pains 2018

by Hiba Jameel

March 2018 at Art/NotTerminal Gallery

"The internalized wartime anxieties of an Iraqi"

Wars cause corrosive memories that take a very long time to work through. But they also resonate, in higher rates of physical and mental illness. 

Translating what wars leave behind in collective memory onto the sanitized vocabulary of psychiatric diagnostics such as these reduces history to artifacts of clinical symptoms.

The question that instead needs to be at the forefront of any discussion about military interventions is:

      what it means for a "liberated" society, as well as for the global community in            their relation to them, to live in conditions of constant rupture; to be "liberated"          while experiencing enduring loss and grief caused by the death of hundreds of          thousands of civilians and soldiers; or to be children growing up in exploded              neighborhoods and looted houses, internalizing and suppressing wartime                  anxieties.
When Hiba got frightened by the sounds of the bombs, her family used to tell her to look out the window at the different colors as they resemble the Atari games she used to play. She used to try hard to swallow her tears, cover her ears and observe the different colors and lights moving in the dark sky and imagine her world as a big Atari game.

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