Psychosomatic - An Interactive Art Event

May 05, 2018

SEATTLE: Sponsored by the Office of Arts and Culture, Psychosomatic is an interactive art event that took place in Art/NotTerminal Gallery located in Seattle Center. 

Psychosomatic: Of a physical illness is caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.

In this interactive art event, the artist had initiated the art work by painting various figures on canvas. Then the participants were asked about their psychosomatic experience, and asked to paint it on a figure of their choice. This event aimed at initiating an open dialogue about mental health awareness and its possible physical manifestations.

The event went on from 1-9 pm, gallery goers, community members and passersby all participated by painting their psychosomatic experience on the figure of their choice. This event encompassed a large demographic; mothers, elderly, various races, body sizes, age groups, sexual orientations and genders. 

Atari Pains Solo Exhibit

March 03, 2018

SEATTLE: Art/Not Terminal Gallery

Wars cause corrosive memories that take a very long time to work through. But they also resonate, in higher rates of physical and mental illness.  A 2011 estimate reported that there were 4.5 million Iraqi orphans, 70 percent of whom lost their parents after the 2003 invasion. 

The question that Hiba aspires to elicit from the viewer is : when it comes to military intervention how does a "liberated" society live in relation to the global community while living in a constant rupture of suppressed wartime anxieties. 


Each painting caresses a childhood wound as she creates her series Hiba invites the viewer to experience her healing via recalling the  vivid mental Polaroids that she accumulated during the war.

Opening reception Saturday March 3, 6:00-9:00pm.

Runs through March 24. Open Tue-Sun 11-6pm.

Hiba's Show is in coordination with Don Wesley; an army veteran who kept a visual count of the US soldiers lost in Iraq by using his skills as a painter to express both his grief and honor for the fallen.


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Shades of Emotions - An interactive art event

December 02, 2017

An interactive art event lead and created by Hiba Jameel and sponsored by Art With Heart. 
to raise awareness of art therapy as an aid in dealing with
mental illness.

By engaging pedestrians and gallery-goers to
participate interactively, I want to show people
how they can transform their feelings into art, regardless of the nature of the feeling.

The goal is to finish the event with a mixed-media painting that serves as a poll of what people felt on an average day. A large canvas with artwork initiated by the artist was finished by the participants, using pieces of colored canvas and other materials.

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