I was asked if my artwork is realism or imaginary. My answer was a realm in between. What does that mean exactly? And how can a realm exist in between?

In this reality, imagination has more power. In this realm, the reality is distorted and looked at from many different points of view. In this realm, societal rules and structures are deconstructed, examined,

and evaluated. This is where I question my values and their origin, this is where I revisit humanity centuries ago and observe its natural process. In this purgatory land of non-essentialism, we decompose our values, and beliefs that were bred into us from a young age, and ask the question, what makes something a reality or imagination?

I was asked to paint live during an event at First Congregational church in Bellevue this past Friday. The commission was for me

Live Painting

to paint an abstraction of the event as it was happening. Here is the thing about devotion and spirituality: we most times get them wrong. Giving is receiving and knowing that life is not what happens to you but how you react to it is where faith comes in. Having the inner strength to face your demons and admit to your self that you are beautifully flawed is no easy task. Once you can do it though it is liberating. Once you accept your shortcomings you can start working on forgiving your self, and in doing so you forgive others and you transcend. I was not at ease while painting. I was situated at the alter with my back to a huge audience watching me paint and go through this. See, here is the thing about artists; we get weird when we paint and self conscious, it isn’t easy to be watched while your brain is working so fast in multiple directions and your emotions are pulling all the strings. I was thinking about the timing the event started at 7 and it finishes at 10. I had to time my work to be done at 10. This is where the challenge was because I didn’t prepare and couldn’t prepare for it since it had to be a reflection of the events spirit as  it happened. All in all I would repeat it 100 times over. Yay to live painting

"Everything you can imagine is real. ” Picasso

"Everything you can imagine is real" When it comes to art, this was a natural process for me. I dream most of my paintings. I see them in my day-time visions and day dreams. I believe we choose our dreams, we choose to be happy or unhappy. I choose to be happy about one aspect of my painting and dwell on it meditatively and then recreate it in another painting. Isn't this the basic premise for everything in life? we get what we choose to think about? to co-create? to be a forceful proactive doer and not a reactive person to life's ebbs and flows?

We can all sulk after missed opportunities but we can also choose to dismiss this thought and invest our precious neural pathways creating a new positive thought, one that helps us soar up high in the sky of our desires.

P.S: This is a photo from my last year's show: Atari Pains at A/NT Gallery in Seattle Center.

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