SEATTLE: Hiba Jameel is an Iraqi American who lived through the gulf war, she was 8 at the time. Like many other Iraqis, she survived the war with a scarred childhood. When Hiba got frightened by the sounds of the bombs, her family used to tell her to look out the window at the different colors as they resemble the Atari games she used to play. She used to try hard to swallow her tears, cover her ears and observe the different colors and lights moving in the dark sky and imagine her world as a big Atari game.

Hiba Jameel

Watching Grandfather Catch a Signal

Mental Polaroid during the war watching my grandfather try to get a signal while explosions happen in the back.

Eternal Echo

Bebe, Noor and I in the Corner

Grandmother holding my Sister and I in the Corner because if the house gets bombed the corners don't fall.

Playing with Shrapnel

Playing with Shrapnel in the streets of Baghdad during the day waiting for the war to start again. 30 X 48 in

Oil Line on Oil Land

A mental Polaroid of the lines I used to stand in with my sister to get oil to use in the heater at night or water.

Uncle, Family of 8 and 1 Gas Mask

My uncle came home with one gas mask, since we can't share it as a family. We decided to not use it, we all die together or survive together in case a chemical attack happens.

Aunt, Heater and an Empty Kettle

A mental Polaroid of my aunt in distress during the war as we ran out of food and oil (fuel) for the heater.

The Gulf War Was a Piece of Cake

This is a depiction of my view of the regime at the time of Saddam. He used to have lavish birthday parties on national television showcasing extravagant cake and food while the country, and the children are starving due to the economical sanctions.

The Gulf War was a Piece of Cake

The Gulf War was a Piece of Cake 48 X 72 in

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